Paros is the third largest island in the Cyclades and is located west of Naxos, from which it is separated by a narrow channel of about 3 miles, while from Piraeus is 90 nautical miles. It has an area of ​​196,308 square kilometers and its coastline is 118.5 kilometers.

The key geographical position of Paros in the central Aegean Sea, the crossroads of the sea routes linking mainland Greece to the islands of the Archipelagos, the Asia Minor coasts and, more generally, the Mediterranean, has been the long-term basis for the island’s development.

Parikia, the capital of Paros with the passenger and commercial port and the windmill, a trademark, is built on the gulf of the island. It has beautiful settlements but also if you walk in its narrow streets it will enchant you. Sightseeing has a lot, its archaeological sites with the most ancient cemetery on the beach and the ceramics workshop, the Archaeological Museum of Paros, particularly remarkable with finds from Paros and Antiparos Despotiko, Castle and Ekatontapiliani the most famous church of Paros.

Parikia is inhabited since prehistoric times, but in the 13th century in its modern form, the Venetians built the Castle on the hill in the city. The central market street with shops on both sides has an attractive beauty to which the old architectural buildings are preserved in excellent condition.

Paros has many beautiful beaches and everyone can choose the one that suits his tastes. Beaches for tranquility and relaxation, as well as beaches with beach bar and water sports for fun and sports. All beaches are characterized by the purity and the blue-green of their waters.

Useful Phone Numbers:

Municipality of Paros 22840 22843
Police Department Parikia 22840 23333
Police Department Naoussa 22840 51202
Paros Harbor 22840 21240
Naoussa Harbor 22840 51250
Health Center 22843 60000


BUS 22840 21395
Paros Airport 22840 90900
Taxi Parikia 22840 21500
Taxi Naoussa 22840 53490

Distances from Galinos:

  • Main Port 500m, 6 min by foot
  • Paros Airport 10km, 13 min by car
  • Bus Station 550m, 7 min by foot
  • Taxi Station 500m, 6 min by foot
  • Health Center 500m, 6 min by foot
  • Naoussa 11.5km, 21 min by car
  • Livadia Beach 1.2km, 15 min by foot