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Thanks to its 55 kms coastline, Paros offers a number of beautiful and impressive beaches.

BeachesThe island actually has some of the best beaches of Cyclades. There are beaches of different morphology; sandy or wild, beaches with turquoise water, crowdy and more isolated picturesque beaches.

Paros’ beaches attract each year hundreds of thousands of tourists, as it is one of the most popular islands of Cyclades. In fact, Paros, concerning that is the 3rd largest island of Cyclades, has inevitably gained a prominent place in the options of both Greek and foreign visitors.

Which are the best beaches of Paros?

Golden Beach – Paros..

Golden Beach (or Chrisi Akti in greek) is the largest beach of Paros. As its name indicates, it has soft golden sand. It is well organized with sunbeds, ideal for families with children, as well as for squads and couples. Golden beach is easily accessible and is located 20 kms away from Parikia.

Santa Maria..

Santa Maria Beach – Paros. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Paros, in a close distance from Naoussa. With a breathtaking scenery and turquoise water, Santa Maria is an organized beach with sunbeds and easily accessible as it is located 15 kms away from Parikia

Pounda Beach..

Pounda Beach – Paros. It is maybe the most popular beach of Paros. With a great view of the neighbouring island of Antiparos, Pounda is basically known among the lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing due to the winds that blow over this area. It is one of the most organized beaches of the island, where you can also find cafés, restaurants and other shops. It is easily accessible as it is located approximately 18 kms away from Parikia.

Kolymbithres Beach..

Kolymbithres Beach – Paros. In fact, we’re talking about 3 smaller beaches put together into a wonderful larger one. For many visitors, they are between the most beautiful beaches of Paros. The rocks, that look like sculptures with view of Naousa, coupled with the sandy beach, make up an exotic place. You can easily get there, as Kolymbithres are located approximately 10 kms away from Parikia

Monastiri Beach..

Monastiri Beach – Paros. Another well-known beach of Paros. Its location, that protects it from the strong Meltemi winds (winds found only in Aegean Sea), as well as its shallow water, have made it is very beloved to visitors. It is organized with sunbeds, ideal for families with children. Monastiri is easily accessible, located 15 kms away from Parikia.

Marchello Beach..

Marchello Beach – Paros. If you choose Parikia for your accommodation, Marchello is the closest beach. It is a large sandy beach organized with sunbeds. Marchello is more attractive to young people as there are many cafés and beach-bars. It is extremely easily accessible as it is located just 4 kms away from Parikia.

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