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beach paros

Things to do

5+1 reasons to visit Paros.

Paros is not an island that you will visit only once in your life. There are many people who choose Paros for their holiday more than once. It is an island that offers you a lot of experiences and numerous things to see and do once you get there. Every single time you’ll visit Paros, you will find something new to do and that’s why you will adore this island. 

But what makes this island so special?

Here you have 5+1 reasons to visit Paros.


Paros is famous for its variety of food options. Seafood, meat, deserts, special dishes and traditional flavours will make you love a bit more this island. Either you choose to eat in Parikia, either in Naoussa or in another place of the island, the result will please you, for sure. Do not hesitate to ask us for our propositions about what you can explore about Paros´ cuisine.


Paros´ beaches are some of the most famous and widely known beaches not only amongst the Cyclades but also in the Aegean Sea. Over the whole length of the island, there are beautiful and idyllic beaches. Beaches sandy or peddle, quite or wild, they will certainly satisfy you thanks to their pure and turquoise water. Apart from the well-known beaches, you can also find some private and quieter ones. 

The feast at the church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani..

Every year, on August 15th is celebrated the feast of Panagia Ekantotapiliani, which is one of the most famous churches of Virgin Mary in Greece. Both the islanders and the visitors are getting involved with this celebration, as it is considered to be the greatest feast on the island. If you wonder how is a Greek feast on a Cycladic island, the feast at Panagia Ekantotapiliani will give you the answer.


The nightlife of Paros has a particular equilibrium. Summer Cycladic crowdy alleys, beautiful places to eat and drink and the upbeat mood are the clues of Paros’ nights. From the very first night, you will be captured by Paros’ nightlife.

Alleys and Byzantine Road..

Is there anything better than a summer evening stroll? Paros is seemed to be the ideal place for such a stroll, as it provides you with many picturesque alleys where you can admire the famous architecture of Cyclades. You should also walk down the Byzantine Road, an old trail that connects Lefkes to the settlement of Prodromos, Parikia and Marpissa.

Water Sports..

Thanks to its location, Paros is recommended for those who want to combine their holiday with water sports. In particular, many beaches of Paros, such as Pounda, are well-known and preferable by those who like doing kitesurfing and windsurfing. As a result, the lovers of these two sports come to Paros every year in order to enjoy the Meltemi winds of summer.

So, here we gave you 5+1 reasons to visit Paros. We’re waiting for you to live all together some extraordinary and unforgettable summer experiences!

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